Care Package Ideas

Note: The lists below are ideas. Not all have been tested.

What to know ahead of time:
  • Know military restrictions as well as host country restrictions
  • Keep in mind it can take up to three weeks for the package to arrive
  • Keep the outside of the box blank
  • When you post pictures, remember OPSEC rules apply

Good Stuffin' Ideas: 
Food Items. Nuts, beer jerky, pretzels, Pop Tarts, instant coffee, power bars, cookies, drink mixes, noodle soup cartons, queso (maybe my husband is the only one), crackers, Slim Jims, dried fruit, applesauce, oatmeal packs, sunflowers seeds.

Entertainment. MP3 players, novels, magazines, newspapers, playing cards, batteries.

Hygiene. Baby powder, baby wipes, deodorant, lip balm, Kleenex, lotion, hand sanitizer, Band-aids, Icy-Hot, Tums, eye drops, Neosporin, good soap/shampoo.

Other Items. pens, paper, stamps, envelopes, filled-out address book, sunglasses, fan/water bottle (I like one with a filter in it), new boot socks, pictures, cards, letters with "don't open until..." so he constantly has a note from home.

Special Occasion Packages: 
Birthday.  A birthday card a lipstick kiss for every year, minus one. Write a note saying he can get that kiss when he returns. (EX: if he is turning 30, have 29 lipstick kisses)

Halloween.  Fill baggies with treats (avoid items that can melt) for his friends.

Christmas.  Stuffed stocking, send a picture of the presents waiting for him at home.

Easter. Fill plastic eggs with jelly beans, hard candy and hand written messages messages.

New Year's.  Party blowers, plastic champagne glasses with a toast.

Anniversary.  A list of favorite memories, brochures for the location you will celebrate your anniversary when he returns.

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